Absolutely! The Mexican food may be spicy and meaty, but it never lacks a good salad or two… Besides, we have a selection of vegetarian Enchiladas, Empanadas, and Burritos!

Currently we have only one location in Juneau, Alaska… We’re looking into a possibility to expand. Possibly, that might happen in the nearest future.

Neither we nor the state of Alaska allows that.
Throughout our 2 halls we have more than 55 tables, not taking the high chairs at the bar desk into account…

sure! You can book any of our dining halls and host your party there!

Unfortunately that’s not possible… However, during the spring and the summer, we have a summer terrace outside the building. Pets are allowed in that area.

Each new time of the year we add seasonal dishes and few times a year we add themed cuisine (like Italian cuisine days; Ukrainian cuisine week etc…)

Absolutely! We have a catering and waiter rental services. You can read more about it in our Services section of the website.