Basic Michelada Cocktail

Basic Michelada Cocktail

With just a few ingredients, you can turn your standard beer into a flavorful, refreshing Michelada Cocktail!

If you’ve ever traveled to Mexico, you’ve likely had a Michelada cocktail or two. But did you know that this Mexican beer cocktail is actually extremely easy to make at home, with just a handful of ingredients?
This drink is the go-to for many Mexicans watching a sports game or enjoying a barbeque with friends. Read on to learn how to make your own Michelada!
What is a Michelada?
Michelada is a Mexican Beer Cocktail featuring beer, ice, lime juice, salt, and an assortment of sauces. These typically include Worcestershire sauce, a hot sauce (like Tabasco, Valentina, or Tapatio), and a seasoning sauce

Michelada Recipe Variations
There are a few main variations to the michelada recipe.
The most common variation is the Michelada with Clamato. It includes all the ingredients mentioned above, but also has Clamato juice added to it. The Michelada with Clamato Juice is a very popular michelada variant.
There’s also the Michelada with Chamoy. This version has the interior of the glass coated with Chamey, sauce and it also has the rim coated with Chamoy.
Additionally, there is a simpler version of the Michelada which is simply referred to as a “Chelada”. This one does not use savory sauces (Worcestershire, hot sauce, etc.), and only uses beer, ice, and lime juice. The rim of the glass is still coated with salt or a crushed pepper mix (Tajin).

These are the main variations, but on top of this any restaurant or cook can make their own changes. These include changing the sauces. For example, instead of Maggi sauce, some might use soy sauce (or both), and the brand of hot sauce used will be whichever the person prefers.
All across Mexico, you will encounter different methods of preparing Micheladas, changing from person to person and from restaurant to restaurant.

How do you serve a Michelada?

Micheladas are commonly served in a glass beer mug that has been frosted in the freezer. This ensures that the michelada stays cold for your refreshment. If you don’t have a glass beer mug, you can use a regular tall glass to make your michelada.
The glass mug used to serve the Michelada is usually rimmed with salt or a crushed pepper mix like Tajín. First, a wedge of lime is run over the rim to coat it in lime juice, then the rim is dipped into salt, a crushed pepper mix, or both. In the case of the Michelada with Chamoy, chamoy sauce is used to coat the rim of the glass instead of lime juice. It is then coated with the salt or Tajín, just like the regular michelada.

As far as toppings go, a Michelada will be fine by itself or with a simple wedge of lime on the rim of the glass. However, some people like to go all out with the toppings, and will add things like cucumber slices, celery stalks, skewers with fruits or vegetables, peeled shrimp, or peppers like jalapeños. The toppings can be either savory or sweet, as some people even use candy or popsicles! Just like with Bloody Marys, some people like being quite extravagant with their Michelada toppings.

Where did the Michelada beer cocktail come from?
Well, honestly... no one knows. Like with many cocktails, there are multiple origin stories explaining how and when the Michelada was created, but there’s no definitive answer as to which one is true. It all depends on who you ask!

Why are Micheladas so refreshing?
Part of the reason a Michelada is so refreshing is the lime juice. It really breaks up the heaviness of the beer and adds a light fresh flavor to it.
Micheladas are also served over ice, and that makes them super cold and the perfect thing to cool you down on a hot day. It also helps that the glass is usually ice cold too!

Tip to making an easy recipe
1- How to make guacamole
1. Start by cutting the avocados in half and removing the pit with a sharp knife. Then scoop out the fruit using a spoon and put it in a medium mixing bowl.
2. Next, mash the avocados using a fork, a potato masher, or a molcajete(like used in the photos). Using a potato masher is the easiest method because it’s not as messy and gives you a little more control compared to using a fork, but either works just fine.
3. Last, add in some chopped cilantro, tomatoes, onions, the juice of 1/2 a lime, salt and diced jalapeño pepper if you want it a little spicy. Mix it all together and voila! Done and ready to eat
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